Why pickleball is growing so fast...

Dec 16, 2021

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America.

And I think I know why!

Let’s get right to it…


See, most sports are hard as heck the first time you try. And you walk away discouraged because you sucked and felt like there was no hope. Ever experience this before?

Take these three sports for example…

Golf - you head out to the range and spend 30 minutes hooking some balls right and others left. It’s no fun when you realize it’ll take months, maybe years, to get even kinda good.

Tennis - you’re either hitting over the fence or into the bottom of the net. The strings on a tennis racket launch balls like missiles in the sky. Serena Williams makes it look easy, but for anyone who’s ever tried tennis, they can assure you — it’s not.

Basketball - this one’s not even as much about skill (although it’s quite difficult to get good if you didn’t grow up playing). It’s more about that two hour stretching session you inevitably must do after playing — that is, if you want to walk the next day.

But pickleball? That’s a different story.


You can be small or tall. Strong or weak. Old or young. Not athletic or Vince Carter (in his prime of course).

Doesn’t matter.

When you go out there for the first time — even if you’ve never played a racket sport — you’re guaranteed to have fun, because you won’t suck. And as most know, sucking is the #1 killer of fun.

The game is literally suck-proof. 


In fact, you’ll walk away feeling optimistic because you were able to:

  • successfully hit the ball back-and-forth with your partner and

  • hit some overhead smashes which made you feel powerful.


You may even have subtle thoughts like, “could I be the Roger Federer of pickleball?

Now, before you get ahead of yourself, know this: You won’t go out there and be incredible your first time. But you will go out, and not suck. You’ll leave with a feeling of hope.

After playing, you’ll pack your paddle, walk to the car, close the trunk, get in the driver seat, and think, “maybe I could actually be good at this sport.” Something you’d never say after playing golf for the first time.

And that my friends, is the power of the pickle(ball).


It’s the sport that keeps on giving. The sport that gives you hope for your future athletic career. The one anyone can play — from your four year child to your 84 year old grandmother.

If you don’t believe me, just try it. I’ve had 9 friends go out and play since I started a few months ago. 8 of the 9 texted me after, asking to play again. What happened to that other guy? Don’t ask. 😉

But i digress…

When you do go out and play, take a picture, post to Instagram and tag me @ThatPickleballGuy.

And if you need a video to send your friends to convince them to come play, send them this.

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