What’s the Best Part of the Body to “Speed-Up" to in Pickleball?

Apr 13, 2023

Let's jump right into it!

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Today’s edition has two parts: 

1. A Helpful Tip – The Best Place To "Speed-Up" To. 

2. My Journey Playing Pro Pickleball  Overcoming Setbacks and Staying Focused on The Big Picture.

A Helpful Tip:

Here’s the question of the week:

What’s the best part of the body to “speed-up” to? 

If they’re a right handed player, speed up to their right hip or right shoulder.

If going against lefties, speed up to their left hip / shoulder area.

Most players wait to counter with their backhand. So if you hit a good shot to that corresponding hip or shoulder, you’ll either win the point right away or often, they’ll pop the ball up so you can crush it for a winner.

My Journey Playing Pro Pickleball: 

For those of you who’ve followed for a long time, I have to apologize. 

At times, I know I get repetitive. 

“I had a great weekend. Now a bad weekend. Then a great weekend. Now a bad weekend.”

And then I talk about the process of improvement. The long game perspective blah blah blah.

Okay, maybe not blah blah blah. But the truth is, pickleball is hard. Going on the journey to become a top pro is hard. And at times, as my friend Joe told me last night after I was complaining about my poor play, "maybe you should read your own newsletter." 😂

And listen, I’m grateful for the position I’m currently in. It’s honestly a dream. 

Two weekends ago, I had my best result in a pro tournament. Then this past weekend, I went 0-2 in mixed doubles and 1-2 in mens doubles. 

Inconsistency is the word that keeps coming to mind. Am I playing too many tournaments? Not enough practice? I don’t know. I’m evaluating all that right now. 

A few days ago, I was talking to a high level tennis coach. She said something interesting. 

“Yeah losing sucks, but how many bad days and bad games do you think Ben Johns (current world #1) has had in his career?” 

Less now, but probably a lot at the start. Which is hard to imagine because every time I see that guy play now, he’s a machine. So damn smooth & consistent. 

She said, “you HAVE TO experience these losses on your way to experiencing great wins.” And as annoying as it is to keep saying and experiencing, it’s true.

Because at times, it feels like what I’m working on just isn’t translating as good or fast into tournament play. 

But here is what I keep reminding myself and encourage you to think about (in whatever you're working to improve in your life)...


(Source: Visualize Value)

Talk next week,


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