What happens in Phoenix... | Week 11

Feb 24, 2022

My opponent steps up to serve and my mind goes quiet.

All the noise vanishes from nearby courts. All the chatter disappears from sideline fans. Every ounce of my attention is in this moment.

We’re down 10 - 13 in an elimination game to 15.

“We’re winning this point.” I said under my breath.

The opponent serves the ball, and I can’t remember what happened next. It’s as if my body took over and worked in unison with my partner, Devon, to help us win a 17- point rally that kept us alive.

It was the turning point of the match.

We came back to win 16 - 14 and then won our next game 15 - 8 — on our way to a 3rd place finish.

What a weekend. 


After winning 1st in singles the day before, I felt proud of a doubles 3rd place finish in a 23 team bracket of teams who traveled in from all over the country.

Three weeks ago, I considered quitting.

Today, I’m more confident than ever. 


At times, this journey feels like a roller coaster, but I have to remind myself to stay steady.

Will I lose again, sure.

Will I win again, you can bet your bottom dollar I will.

That’s the journey.

It starts with one step and every step after isn’t supposed to be easy. Sometimes you step back before you step forward again. But I know this. If I step into the moment and stick with it over time, I’ll have a chance to become a pro pickleball player.

And that’s all I can ask of myself

To top it off…


I had a small startup apparel company inquire about possible sponsorship.

That’s cool 🤯 More on that in a future edition.

What’s next?


At the end of March, I’m headed to Austin, Texas for a tournament. In the meantime, I’ll continue training in preparation for that trip.

On another note…

Next week’s newsletter will be a bit different, so stay tuned…

And by the way…

Thanks for all the encouraging messages I constantly get. I truly appreciate it. This is the 11th edition of this newsletter and I’m grateful to all of you for being a part of this journey with me.

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Until next time,


PS: Shoutout to Sandy, who was an awesome volunteer I met at last weekend’s tournament and is receiving this newsletter for the first time. It was a pleasure meeting you.

PPS: I recorded my singles championship match. If you want to catch a glimpse of what that looks like, click here to watch.

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