Understanding the 4 roles we play in life will change you!

Jan 20, 2022

Long story short, your life is a story. The question is, what role are you playing?

In his new book, “Hero on a Mission,” Donald Miller argues there are four main characters in every movie.

The victim, villain, hero, and guide.

The victim believes they’re doomed, have no way out, and need a rescuer.

The villain makes others feel small in order to make them feel powerful.

The hero wants something in life and is willing to accept challenges in order to transform into a person capable of getting that thing.

The guide has played the hero for so long they have the expertise to turn around and help someone on their path.

These four characters are, not only, in every story — but in each of us.

And he shares — that to live a meaningful life — avoid playing the victim and villain. Instead, live as a hero who eventually becomes the guide.

The cool thing is…


we can all enter a different story at any moment — becoming a hero on a mission. And that changes something within us. It ignites a deeper sense of purpose.

It causes us to wake up each morning energized. To wake up each morning ready to tackle the day. To wake up each morning focused on what you need to do. To wake up each morning with a sense of clarity.

To wake up each morning as a hero on a mission.


It made me realize in this pickleball story I’ve entered, I’m a hero on a mission to become a pro 12 months. And all those things I just shared above have come to light in my life.

The truth is, this is in all of us.


We can all become that hero in our own story, but it’s not easy. It takes work and sacrifice.

So the question is, what story is staring you down demanding your attention?

What story have you been reluctant to enter? Is it have everything to do with pickleball (like me)? Or nothing to do with it? Only you can answer that question.

And I get it, you may not know in this moment, but it’s worth thinking about.

Because as Miller argues in his book, it’s one of the key components to living a meaningful life - to become fascinated by a project that demands your attention. 

Until next time,

PS: To learn more about this hero on a mission concept, listen to this podcast. I shared it with a buddy who said, “This has so many brain blasts it’s not even funny.”

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