The power of having a (pickleball) coach...

Jan 06, 2022

One day, Tim the fish swims up to Bob (the other fish).

Tim says, “How’s the water?”

Bob says, “What water?”

Now, before we talk about my fish friends Tim and Bob, let’s talk about this.

Improvement. Here’s my belief:

To improve, you need practice.

To improve quickly, you need coaching.

But the problem most have and don’t even know — is they think they can figure everything out themselves. Something I’ve been guilty of many times.

I find myself saying things like,

  • “I can just read a book to get the information.”

  • “Can someone else really help me that much?”

  • “I already know what I’m doing wrong.”

“Well Kyle, if you know so well, why do you keep repeating the same mistake?” (**I now think to myself**)

See, this approach will only get you so far.

Because the truth is — like Bob the fish — we develop blind spots quickly. We’re so deep in the ocean we forget we’re swimming in the water. And that hurts our development. That’s why, whether you’re a beginner or expert (in any field), we all need a coach to point out we’re still in the water.

An objective eye to teach us the way, share strategies that work, and remind us that yes, we are improving.

For me, that means I pay a coach (David, seen below) to teach me how to…

  • hit a third shot drop

  • approach the net strategically &

  • think like a pro player would think.



And I get it. Asking for help can be difficult and taking coaching can be hard — because it taps into something most of us don’t like.


A willingness to say, “I need help. Will you help me?”

Those who shy away don’t go as far. While those who embrace it have an advantage.

I got decent at pickleball by watching YouTube videos and playing four days a week for three months.

But when I decided I wanted to get to the next level, I knew I needed one thing.

Coaching. I knew it would accelerate my growth. And it has.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, whether it’s relationships, sports, health, or business — finding someone to…

  • check your blindspots.

  • give you feedback and

  • hold you accountable

…is critical. I use the word coach here, but I intend it to go beyond sports.

And listen, you don’t have to go and pay for it. Although that does raise the commitment level immediately because you have skin in the game.

It could be a friend you trust or a family member who can offer guidance.

For me, it’s been the single best investment in my pursuit to become a pro pickleball player.

So I’ll leave you with this challenge.

  1. Think about an area in your life you want to improve.

  2. Now do something about it by finding someone who can make you better.

Do this over a long period of time and you’ll grow exponentially.

Until next time,


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