Pickleball Tip | How to position yourself after hitting a "third shot drop."

Sep 15, 2022

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Today’s edition has three parts: 

  1. A Helpful Tip - How to position yourself after hitting a “third shot drop.”

  1. An Entertaining Video - Playing pickleball on a paddleboard (with a surprise encounter😳).

  2. An Update on my Journey To Pro - I’m playing the PPA Peachtree Classic in Atlanta — starting today.

A Helpful Tip


Before we get into it, if you’d rather watch the video explanation, click below.

A couple weeks ago, we talked about three things you should do when your parter hits the “third shot drop.

Today, we’re talking about what you should do after you hit that shot.

And a quick note. A few people have asked, are you saying that term correctly? “Third shot drop?”

For those reading who are newer to pickleball, yes I am.

It’s a common term used to describe the third shot hit in a point. You serve (shot 1). They return (shot 2.) Then it’s your turn to hit the “third shot,” which is often a drop shot — used strategically to help you get to the kitchen line.

Hence, “Third shot drop.” Or more commonly called, “Thirds.”

Now, the helpful tip…


Right after you hit your third shot drop, think about these two things:

  1. Watch and wait or…

  2. Watch and go! 

Let’s break it down👇

The moment you hit the third shot, you know if it’s too high or if it’s just right. And the moment you know, you must decide to either…

…wait where you’re at (because it was too high) and you need time and space to give yourself the best chance to “reset” the ball back into the kitchen.



…if you hit it well (and you know it) — get to the kitchen line immediately to become more dangerous.

Recently, a top player in Phoenix mentioned an opportunity for growth in my game…

“Kyle you’re hitting great thirds, then just chillin at the baseline. If it’s good and you know it, get to the kitchen line and be dangerous. You’re long. Put pressure on your opponent to do something.

After hearing that, I began making better reads at the two choices I just described above. Those being: Watch and wait or watch and go!

Again, for a video example of this, click here!

I hope this helps you as much as it’s helped me!

An Entertaining Video 


As a content creator, it’s hard to do anything without thinking, “Is this something (for content)?” 

A few weeks ago, I was in Denver with two friends. We went paddleboarding and of course, I brought two paddles and a ball onto the water.

***Spoiler - no people or animals were harmed in the making of this video! We did get plenty of looks though (especially from that duck)…😂

Enjoy 👇

An Update On My Journey to Pro 


I’m pumped! As you’re reading this, I’m in Atlanta for the PPA Peachtree Classic. In fact, today, I’m playing 5.0 singles and then on Saturday, I’m playing 5.0 Mens doubles. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve played in a tournament and I haven’t played a singles tournament since I played at the 4.0 level six months ago.

So, please, pray for me (and my knees😂).

For those who don’t know, Singles is WAYYYY different than doubles. More exhausting in every way imaginable. And I rarely train it. So, I have real low expectations going in.

If you’re around the tournament this weekend, come say hello! I’ll be there all weekend. 

In addition, I’m scheduled to commentate some of the pro matches from 1:00 - 4:00 EST on Friday! So, tune into the PPA Livestream on their Youtube channel to listen!

Until next week, 


PS:  My mission here is to educate (and teach) people this awesome sport, make them laugh, and inspire others to have the courage to go after what they want in life.

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