On being a great teammate, the craziest pickleball shot ever, and a tourney in Newport.

Nov 17, 2022

Hey everyone, today I’m writing to you from Newport Beach, California! 

Today’s edition has three parts: 


1. A Helpful tip – Be a Great Teammate. 

2. An Entertaining video – A Crazy Shot You Have To See. 

3. An Update on my Journey to Pro – Playing the PPA Newport Showcase

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 49th edition of the newsletter — powered by Selkirk! 



When you switch from singles to doubles, everything changes. 

See, in pickleball, most play doubles. And when you play doubles, it goes from being all about yourself to all about your team. 

Look, I’m obsessed with pickleball, so I watch it all the time (shocker, I’m sure). I get curious about how different partnerships work, what strategies they use, and what shot’s they choose to hit to set their partners up well. 

In addition, I love watching how partners interact with each other during points, after points, and when time outs are called. 

And of course, if you watch long enough, you see some great stuff and not so great stuff. And this isn’t just at the pro level. I’m talking about every level.

So, with that said, and in preparation for my tournament in Newport, I went back and re - read the most popular article I’ve written to date. 

Edition #20 - How to be a doubles partner others (actually) want to play with.


click here to read.


If you’ve read it before, it will serve as a great reminder the next time you play. And if you haven’t, enjoy. (I still get chills every time I watch that video at the beginning). 

Entertaining Video 


This may be the craziest pickleball shot ever. A month ago, at Major League Pickleball (Columbus), Pro player Mary Brascia was in a hands battle that led to this absurd shot. 

The crowd went nuts, social media blew it up, and I interviewed Mary about the shot now coined, “The Mary Go Round.”

Enjoy! 👇

An Update on my Journey To Pro 


Back at it with another pro tournament this weekend. I’m playing Mixed Doubles and Men's doubles at the PPA Newport. 

If you’re interested in watching some pickleball this weekend, you can go to this link and find the live stream. I believe it starts around 10:30 am pacific today!

I’m pumped for men's doubles this weekend to play with my buddy Michael. 

Michael and I train a ton in Phoenix and have wanted to play a tournament together for awhile. So, this is our first opportunity and it will be a good test after having trained together over the last few months! 

Also, I actually commentated yesterday with Dave Fleming during the first four hours of singles day. You can go here if you’d like to listen to a few minutes and watch some really good pro singles play.

The cool part was, I was commentating from the Tennis Channel Headquarters in Santa Monica. 


Until next week!

P.S. Be on the lookout in next week’s for an awesome piece of content I’ve worked on for awhile now! I’m pumped to share it with you!

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