...but what if I fail? | Week 1

Dec 02, 2021

Hey everyone, 

A quick thought to start: 


Life shrinks or expands in relation to ones courage. 

- anais ni 


See, fear often sits between where we are and where we want to go. And much of the time, it wins. It consumes our thoughts and overtakes our mind. 


But it doesn't have to be that way. 


We all have a superpower - and its choice. 



One we can make in an instant — to go after the things we want, no matter how great the fear. 

Before choosing to go after this pickleball thing, I had uncertainty and I felt fear. I felt unsure and had questions penetrate my mind like:

  • what will others think?

  • what if I fail publicly?

  • is this even worth it?


This idea started small, then grew. It started slow, then accelerated. 

I wrestled with my thoughts through writing & conversation. And realized I needed to clarify why I was doing this.


Here’s what I came up with: 

Part of it is a competitive desire. An eagerness to challenge my mind and body. A pursuit of something difficult. 


On the other hand, it’s to encourage and inspire. It’s to show others it's okay to have new dreams — no matter your age or stage in life. 


3 months ago, I'd never played this sport. Now, I’m training to become a pro (as you know). Life shrinks or expands in relation to ones courage. It’s never too late to pursue new dreams. 


Unless your 40 and want to go the NBA. Then you literally have no chance and should give up now 😂 (jk — kinda) 


Back to this in a moment. But first…


…let me pause and say, THANK YOU for the early support!

The responses I've gotten. The texts I've received. The DM's people have sent. They've blown me away. And I’m grateful.


So what will you get in this newsletter? 


Well, stick with me for a few editions. I’m still figuring out what to share each time. It’ll adapt! But we’ll find a flow, I’m certain of it. If you have an idea, hit reply and let me know! 

But know this: my intent is to never waste your time and to share good stuff. Stuff to make you think. Stuff to make you laugh. And stuff to make you act. 

With that being said, I’ll end with three quick hitters. 


1. What even is pickleball?

I had a few people ask. And like my friend Tyler's 5-year old daughter says, "It's big ping pong, little tennis." Here’s an absurd 51-second point that’ll quickly give you a gist of the game.


2. Video of the week.

I’m a videographer, so naturally, I’ll take to Instagram (@thatpickleballguy) to give video updates, share highlights, and any other creative ideas I think of. Here’s the video post of the week! 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kyle Koszuta (@thatpickleballguy)

3. A tournament this weekend.

I’m playing the Red Mountain Classic this week in Phoenix! I’ll play singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. This’ll be my second tournament ever and I’ll share results with you after.

In closing, as you go throughout your day and into this weekend, remember this: 


Life shrinks or expands in relation to one’s courage.

Let’s all go out and be courageous!

Until next time,


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