3 reasons to create pickleball content | Week 14

Mar 17, 2022

Mark Zuckerberg created a content creator program with a billion dollar budget.

That’s a lot of dough.

And here’s the bottom line…

Content creation isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s just going to get bigger.

Now, the money part is cool,


but let’s get back to pickleball. It’s the fastest growing sport in the country, historically dominated by the elderly community. And I don’t know many 70+ people out there shooting selfies, doing explainer videos, or producing comedy.

And as I research the online pickleball world, I see big opportunity for anyone with a phone and a camera.

Here’s 3 reasons I create content.

  1. To document my journey to become a pro and inspire others along the way.

  2. Meet cool people who have similar interests as me.

  3. Earn sponsorship and brand deal opportunities.


1. To document the journey


I struggle to remember what I ate for lunch last week. So at the end of the year, or in 3 years, 10 years, 20 years, how the heck will I remember what happened in March 2022.

I won’t.

So I’ve come to realize how cool it is to look back and have part of your life documented. It’s like a visual journal that helps me explore my past.

2. Meet cool people


The pickleball community is small. And when you share, others who play see it, and connections get made. It’s happened for me time after time.

I’ve met other content creators and pickleball obsessed people through Instagram, Facebook, and this newsletter.

I’ve had friends meet random guys in the park who had heard about and started following my journey.

Let’s face it. People often get married from dating apps these days. The online world is a powerful force, and it’s no different in pickleball.

3. Sponsorship and brand deals 


The primary way pickleball players get sponsorship and brand deals is by winning, a lot! They rise through the ranks and then start connecting with brands.

But there’s another way to build connections with them. I’d even argue it’s a faster way.

And it’s content creation.

Think about it, brands want to sell product to consumers. They will partner with people who have their audience at the click of a button.

It’s marketing 101.

The attention used to be on TV, so brands and sponsors would pay for commercial spots to sell product.

Now the best place to be is in someone’s pocket, on their phone.

Here’s a few examples of how this has played out for me in the last three weeks.

Pretty neat.

Then just two weeks after the above message, I got into a conversation with a prominent paddle company. One thing led to another and they sent this message.

Then there’s brands (like this one below) who are specifically trying to sell product. In this case, a sports nutrition drink who wants to get into the pickleball space.



The crazy thing is, I don’t have that big of a following (yet). Less than 1000 followers / subscribers across all the platforms I’m on.

But like I said, pickleball is growing fast. and so is the opportunity for content creators.

It’s the fastest growing sport in America. Prize money is increasing. Big name sponsors are getting involved. We’re on the cusp of something here, and starting now is being early.

Very early. Think internet in ‘98. It’s that BIG.

Okay, maybe not THAT big. But you get my point! 😋

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Until next time,


PS: Next week, I’m tackling a big question…Will pickleball be a 2028 Olympic sport? 😳

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