2 Pro Wins, 1st Time on Center Court, and another Gold medal!

Oct 13, 2022

I’m back from Vegas and ready to share what happened! 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 44th edition of the newsletter — powered by Selkirk! 

Today’s edition has three parts: 

  1. A Helpful Tip - How to get faster hands! 

  1. An Entertaining Video - A sneak peek into a fun project with Tyson McGuffin!

  1. An Update on my Journey To Pro - 1st pro win. 1st Center Court Match. & another 5.0 Gold Medal!

Also, welcome to the 53 people who joined last week and thanks to everyone who referred a friend.

Now, let’s get to it!

Helpful Tip 


Ever see those pro matches with the epic hand battles near the net? 

They’re amazing, and often make me wonder, “How do I get hands like that?”

And here’s the good news…

You can improve your hand speed at the net. But before I show you a few drills you can do, here’s a quick story. 

The first pro match I watched, current Pro player Allyce Jones did things I’d never seen. It was as if she always knew where the next ball was going. Her hands looked so fast on court. 

After the match ended, I asked her how she approached training. 

She said, “I train fast hands every session.”  

And it makes sense. It’s a huge part of the game. So in this video, learn a few drills to get your hands fast so you can win those firefight battles at the net! 👇

Entertaining Video


Quick backstory: 

A few weeks ago, I made this Tyson McGuffin Impersonation Video. Soon after, I posted it on social media and it got some love. 

One thing led to another and…

All of a sudden, I was with my friend Joe and pro pickleball legend Tyson McGuffin filming a promo video for this (soon to be shared) project. 

I can’t say much more right now (it’s top secret 😂), but I can share this short behind the scenes clip from the filming day! 

Update on my Journey to Pro 


Like I said last week, what happens in Vegas…

…gets shared in this newsletter.  And I’ll tell you what…

It was a weekend to remember. Let’s break it down by day!

Friday (Pro Mixed Doubles) - 2 Wins. 2 Losses. 

My first pro felt amazing. And even cooler was who it set us up to play next. 

In our second round matchup, we played top 5 team Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova and lost 11-6, 11-3. 

The good news is, I felt we competed hard. 

That loss moved us to the losers bracket, where we pulled off another win. 

That win set us up against another top ranked team in Dylan Frazier and Parris Todd.

If you’re not familiar with how tournaments work. The tournament team sends you a text that tells you when you play next and on what court. 

And typically, they don’t put losers bracket matches on the nicer courts. So when I saw CC (center court) in the text below, I was a bit surprised. 

So I replied…



I couldn’t help myself. Spoiler, they didn’t respond. So, I went to center to play the match. 

In fact, it was live streamed on youtube and you can watch it by going here at the 3:36:30 mark.  

It wasn’t our best showing ever, but a lot of that had to do with how good our opponents were. 

Which… was VERY good. 

Overall, it was an awesome experience. 

Saturday (Pro Mens Doubles) - 0 Wins. 2 Losses. 

I played with my buddy Danny. In the first match, I felt like we got beat by a better team. They outplayed us. 

And in the second round, I felt we beat ourselves a bit more. No disrespect to the team that beat us, they played great pickleball. It was just one of those, "We could've and should've played better.

Sunday (5.0 Mixed Doubles) - 4 Wins. 0 Losses. 🥇

I played with Jennifer again and she was incredible all weekend, picking me up when I wasn’t playing well and being exceptional around the net with her decision making!

So far, we’ve played two 5.0 mixed tournaments and won both of them! We’re definitely going to play more mixed doubles pro events coming soon!

Stay tuned! 

Overall, it was an amazing weekend, surrounded by some incredible people, playing this awesome game!

It was another step towards becoming a pro player!

Thanks so so much for following along this journey! I’m truly grateful so many of you read this weekly and email encouragement constantly! 

It’s appreciated!

Until next week, 


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